blumlein records "Music is an art. Technology is simply a tool." [Planet Awave]
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Besides the individual and collective proficiency of the musicians, the quality of the recording space and the experience and ears of the Tonmeister the gear itself is of secondary importance. But if everything else is optimal it should certainly be high-end!

1 x AEA R88 mk2 (stereo)
1 x Core Sound TetraMic (Ambisonic)
2 x DPA 4060 (matched pair)
2 x Earthworks QTC50 (matched pair)
1 x Earthworks QTC40
2 x Elation KM201 MSP4 (matched pair)
2 x Oktava mk102 UM-mod (matched pair)
6 x Rode NT-5 (3 matched pairs)
1 x Rode NT-4 (stereo)
3 x RoyerLabs SF-1 (matched triplet)
4 x United Minorities Browny (matched quadruplet)
2 x United Minorities UM-1 (matched pair)
Microphone-preamps & AD-/DA-convertors
2 x Metric Halo ULN-8 (8-channel)
3 x Metric Halo ULN-2 expanded +DSP (2-channel)
1 x Metric Halo 2882 expanded +DSP (8-channel)
(Metric Halo)

Microphones mounts
Rycote Lyra mounts
AT and others
Microphone cables from MTI, Cordial & Vovox
ETS InstaSnake
Cordial 30m 8/4 Multicore
Metric Halo DSP-Plugins
Z-Systems Z-Qualizer
Ultrasone PROline 750 (mobile)
united-minorities [Flow] Unit DI (2.0 mobile)
united-minorities [Flow] Unit 5.1 (Active Ginkos + Seismo)
Phonar Akustik P30
Jecklin Float Elektrostat
Hard- & Software
Apple MacBook with OSX
Apple MacBook Pro with OSX
Alesis MasterLink ML-9600
M-Audio MicroTrack 24/96
Radikal Technologies SAC-2.2 Controller
Airwindows Ditherbox
Apple Logic 8 Studio
Apple Final Cut Pro Studio
AudioEase Altiverb 7
audiofile-engineering Sample Manager
(iZotope SRC & MBIT+)
Cockos Reaper
DTS Surround Audio Suite
Elemental Audio Equium & Firium
i3 DSP-Quattro
IK Multimedia T-RackS 1 & 3
iZotope RX
Metric Halo SpectraFoo Complete
Metric Halo ChannelStrip
Metric Halo Console
MOTU Digital Performer
Miscellaneous ...
Microphone stands from K&M
Hercules floor stands
Lightstands from Manfrotto